Führen mit Herz
Folge 14: About Artificial Intelligence and my book “Fully Human”


Inhalt des Podcasts:

  • The potential risks involved with AI and ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence)
  • The expected intelligence explosion based on unlimited speed, bandwidth, and self learning algorithms
  • The “black-box” which will be hard for humans to control
  • The human being and its current and potential skills
  • If we give away our skills to the machine we will lose them for ourselves
  • We can decide which skills and actions we give to the machine to perform for us
  • Our own human skillset and our potential skills are so huge that we should consider to treasure them and develop them
  • The human being with body, soul and spirit, or body, soul with thinking – feeling – willing, and the “I”
  • The “I” as the leader inside and inside-out
  • Through our hearts and the “I”, or Higher Self, we are all connected, and connected to the wisdom of the Universe
  • This is our huge potential as human beings!


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