Führen mit Herz
Folge 19: Who is leading my thinking, feeling and willing (doing)?


I talk about some aspects of chapter 3.3 Thinking, feeling, willing of my book “Fully Human – Being Fully Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”.


How we experience thinking, feeling and willing.

Their connection to the upper, middle and lower part of the body and their interrelation with bodily physiology.

Creating balance within myself.

Improve learning processes by including feeling and experience, instead of understand (thinking) and do (willing) without deeply experiencing and connecting with it.

The “I”

  • as the leader in thinking, feeling and willing.
  • as the driving force within thinking, which is willing within thinking.
  • within thinking has access to the universal “sea” of ideas, of concepts.
  • as the one who decides, guides and leads,
  • as the one who uses thinking, feeling and willing for bodily action, for social action in teams.


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