Wake up to your full human potential

This course is unique in itself because it guides you to yourself. This is where all true changes happen.

I show you how you can connect with yourself in order to

create the life you desire in the outside.

Transformation starts when you connect with your innermost self.

8 Modules* and three online live 1:1 coaching sessions with Alexander

The price of this course is 699,00 Euro (incl. VAT) and

includes three online live 1:1 coaching sessions with Alexander.

*Each Module contains a video and a workbook. 

Content of the 8 Modules

Module 1: How to access your full human potential

Module 2: How to strengthen your own psychological safety and self-confidence

Module 3: How to connect with your Higher-Self

Module 4: The role of heart intelligence within the human organism

Module 5: How to manifest and create your future

Module 6: How to use your heart intelligence for creating your wish fulfilled

Module 7: How to heal and release your emotional backpack

Module 8: Wake up and realise your full human potential

Best steps to unleash your potential

Step 1: Buy the course and get instant access to all of the Modules.

Step 2: Watch the videos and read the workbooks in your own time. 

Step 3: Apply the learnings to your day to day life. If you have any questions, write them down.

Step 4: You will have my full support during the studying of the course: everyone who signs up will receive three online live 1:1 coaching sessions with Alexander. These sessions have to be taken within the 8 weeks, starting with the purchase of the course.

Final: Develop and live your full potential – use your new learned skills, knowledge and inner wisdom.


Slowing down and recalibrating my life rhythm and routine allows me the inner space to accept others and be more empathetic towards their experiences.

Participant of the course "Leadership of Self and in Community"

Thank you for holding empowering transformational space for us.

Participant of a Leadership Workshop

Less guilt and more confidence to express myself instead of hesitation or overthinking.

Participant of the course "The Heart, Intuition and Intention"

Thank you teacher Alex for your wonderful guides. Really appreciate all you had share to us!

Participant of a Leadership Workshop

I am now more concious about allowing everyone to speak about the same amount of time without interuption. A colleague recently commented that I did not interupt when others spoke, which would not be the case before.

Participant of the course "Leadership of Self and in Community"

I learned to accept the imperfect in my own self and was able to accept my problem/challenge more openly.

Participant of the course "Leadership of Self and in Community"

Decide now!

Choose for yourself!

Invest in yourself!

Become Fully Human!

Imagine your life while living your full human potential.

You’re a follower of your inner voice and wisdom. You are connected with yourself, in true self-love and harmony. You’re full of lightness, creativity and energy. It’s so strong it radiates outside, affects your surrounding, your family, your partner your children. You simply can’t hide it!

That’s the role model of being fully human. It also affects your working life. You’re the flame which enlightened the spark into your teammates. To overcome their own boundaries and take responsibility for their own life and for the team.

You’re not spared from life’s hardship, but you have the inner capability to embrace it and keep going in a way true to yourself – undeniably.

Look back and appreciate your former inside: situations change, when you change yourself.

I did not take good care of myself during most of my career. 

In over 35 years as entrepreneur and founder I encountered many crises – within myself and in my teams.

I came to realise and understand how the concept of myself, my inner work and life were the only solution to overcome those crises.

It took me a lot of sweat and tears to really understand it and apply it. It even took me two burn-outs.

I know what it means to push to your limits. I know what it means to lose yourself in work and the striving for success while being depleted and empty inside yourself.

I have realised how important the role of the heart is to a fulfilling life.

The heart as a guiding force which shows you the path to your life in line with your soul and higher self.

I will be glad to support you on your way towards more connection with your inner self.

Let’s create a world where we are connected to ourselves and have access to our immense human potential